Halloween flash day! October 28 & 29

Full Circle artists Dean and Mauricio will be doing flash tattoos October 28 and 29 2018. All proceeds will be donated to the Padres Pedal the Cause bike ride fundraiser, and will go toward cancer research and prevention. Keep an eye out on our instagram @fullcircletattoo to see flash designs as soon as we post them!


Bill Canales and Filip Leu

In August of 2018 Bill traveled to Ste. Croix, Switzerland to start a backpiece collaboration with one of his tattoo heroes, Filip Leu! Check out the video of the design, drawing on and outline process. The tattoo will be completed over the next year by both artists.

Full Circle Tattoo Dragon Painting September 9

Some of the Full Circle Tattoo crew got together to work on a big painting collaboration project. We’ll be doing a few more of these paintings to show at our upcoming 2019 tattoo convention, the San Diego Tattoo Invitational! Artists in the video are: Bill Canales, Pete Vaca, Maui Pastor, Devx Ruiz and Omar Morales-Sanchez